Embrace Collapsible

Embrace™ tension fabric 8ft inline display systems feature a collapsible straight silver frame and support a fabric graphic that attaches by simply pushing the graphic into a thin channel. The sleek, sophisticated appearance and ease of set-up makes this system ideal for use at fairs, trade shows and more.

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  1. 8' Inline1

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Embrace 7.5ft Extra Tall Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display

Embrace™ 7.5ft (3 Quad x 4 Quad) extra tall is a sleek, collapsible, portable display that delivers style with minimal effort and measures nearly 10ft tall. Embrace 7.5ft extra tall (3 Quad x 4 Quad) features a sleek, collapsible anodized silver frame with channel bars that hold push-fit fabric graphics offered with or without endcaps. No to...

1 Item(s)

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