Tabletop Displays

Having a small space does not mean that you cannot make a big impact! Tabletop displays are lightweight, highly portable and ideal for adding "WOW" factor to any 4ft, 6ft or 8ft long standard table display. Tabletop versions of the highly popular Hopup™, Embrace™, Xclaim™, Coyote™, Formulate® Fabric, Vector Frame™ Modular and Folding Panel displays are available, creating numerous stylish options to choose from!

Hopup Collapsible

Hopup™ collapsible tension fabric tabletop displays feature an integrated fabric graphic that makes it the fastest and one of the easiest displays on the market. Simply expand the collapsible frame and you have a fast and impactful tabletop display. Hopup tabletop displays are available in several sizes and are offered in straight and curved frame options. Find your next lightweight, impactful tabletop display today!

Embrace Collapsible

Embrace™ tension fabric tabletop display systems feature a collapsible straight silver frame and support a fabric graphic that attaches by simply pushing the graphic into a thin channel. A sleek, sophisticated appearance, coupled with simplicity and ease of set-up makes this system ideal for use at fairs, trade shows and more. Embrace tabletop displays are available in several widths including 2.5ft and 5ft, making it easier than ever to find a stylish, modern collapsible display.

Xclaim Collapsible

Xclaim tabletop collapsible fabric popup systems combine dimension and simplicity, super stretch push-fit fabric graphics and a collapsible frame with magnetic locking arms to create a sleek, polished tabletop popup display solution. Xclaim tabletop displays come with a multitude of placement possibilities for the push-fit fabric graphic to draw attention and make your message pop! Utilizing a lightweight magnetic collapsible frame, Xclaim displays require no tools for assembly, and quickly set up and pack away.

Coyote Popup Collapsible

The popular Coyote Popup tabletop display system combines strength, reliability and style. Its lightweight and simple aluminum frame uses state-of-the-art Rare Earth "Neo Magnets" on its individual channel bars and locking systems, making it fast and easy to popup and breakdown. Coyote tabletop display systems are offered in several sizes and configurations ideal for fitting onto 4ft, 6ft and 8ft tables. Coyote popup displays are portable, versatile, durable and easy.

Formulate Fabric

Make a stunning impression with Formulate® fabric tabletop displays. Available in Essential and Master collections, these tabletop displays are lightweight, highly portable and are easy to assemble with the use of push-button connectors or bungee cords to connect the aluminum tubes. Simply slip the fabric graphics over the frame. Straight, Horizontal Curved and Vertical Curved options are available, and displays easily fit onto 6ft or 8ft tables to create an impactful and sophisticated display. Find your easy-to-assemble tabletop display today!

Folding Panel

Portable folding panel tabletop displays provide a professional appearance without the fuss, and are simple, assemble in minutes and can be used in many ways. With a wide variety of sizes and styles available including Horizon™ and Voyager™, it is easy to create a stylish and seamless appearance for any event. Displays are available in a variety of configurations, and can be easily accented with detachable printed graphic panels.